Step 2: Establish Standards

Support and Accountability

As the normalcy of remote work becomes part of our society, we will see many changes in the acceptance of and expectation for remote work. Many organizations and employees are experiencing the benefits of working remote. Employees must understand how to demonstrate professionalism and productivity while working remote.

How can employees do what is expected if they don’t know what is expected? Most organizations are operating on assumptions about working remotely. When remote employees and managers base their work on assumptions rather than on standards, productivity, professionalism, and morale can suffer.  

At, we take the guesswork out of remote work. We can help you replace assumptions with research-based standards for every aspect of remote work. Our standards clearly establish expectations for quality, productivity, and professionalism in the remote workplace. When your organization has clear standards that staff and management understand and agree to, everyone wins.    

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Establish Remote Standards

Discover how to establish clear standards for remote work and communicate those standards through remote relevant job descriptions.