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Our purpose.

Setting Remote Work Standards

Our goal is to change the landscape of remote work and both standardize and innovate the way professionals think about this way of working through education and training.

Professional Membership

After successful completion of our certificate programs , participants will receive a one-year membership with contributor status to continue learning more or adding to the expanding field of remote vocations.

Annual memberships can be renewed  to ensure you stay current with trends and new developments in the field of remote work. 

Training and Development

A Certificate acknowledges demonstrated proficiency in meeting our Remote Workplace Standards in the areas of Productivity, Access, Communication, and Engagement.

Remote Professional Certification

This training provides a solid foundation of remote principles and standards for Remote Professionals  and remote workers through the steps of identifying, planning, creating, and maintaining optimal conditions in a remote environment.

Remote Leader Certification

After completing the Remote Professional Certification, leaders can learn how to lead their remote or hybrid teams by exploring the curriculum specifically for leaders through our Remote Leader Certification.

Remote Workplace Certification

For companies committed to learning holistic strategies for implementing and maintaining remote readiness to support their workforce, we offer a Remote Workplace Certification at the organization level.

Professional Development

Additional training for remote workers and leaders, beyond the certificates, can keep you and your staff engaged and committed to continuous improvement in the field of remote work. Learn more about our Professional Development opportunities to keep your certified professionals and leaders engaged.