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Did You Know?

Noise is one of the most frequent complaints regarding workplace distractions. Noise decreases our ability to concentrate, and it interferes with our communication when using videoconferencing or the telephone. One study found that reducing workplace noise improved focus by almost 50% and decreased stress levels by 30% (see graph below).

The line graph shows that as noise and stress decrease, focus increases.
Reducing Workplace Noise
llustrates how reducing workplace Noise can lower stress and improve focus.  

In the traditional office, the most common source of noise is people talking or laughing. On the other hand, in the remote environment, noise sources vary. From the sound of children arguing and barking dogs to the noise of lawn mowers and TVs, the remote work environment can sometimes be a noisy place if we don’t manage our environment well.  

We must locate our workspace in an area that gives us privacy and quiet. To prevent family members from interrupting, we must create rules about noise levels and interruptions. The following video lesson explains the process.     

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