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Remote Workplace Certification

Evaluate your organization’s readiness by meeting with our Remote Experts to identify how your organization can support a remote workforce through our Remote Workplace Certification. This track helps organizations identify strengths and gaps in remote processes, establish credibility as a workplace that supports remote work, attract seasoned remote workers, and promote a culture of remote professionalism.

Program Focus

  • Provide identification of the organization as a Certified Remote Workplace.
  • Include quantitative and qualitative methods for measuring your workplace readiness to support one or more remote workers.
  • Empower organizations to create expectations for their remote professionals and leaders
  • Offer resources and downloads for ready application
  • Organizational Level Certificate to display workplace commitment to each element of the PACE Model.
  • Include the organization’s accomplishment on our website.

Workplace Credentials

The associated topics covered within the Remote Workplace organizational level certification follow our PACE Model and cover factors related to productivity, access, communication, and engagement. To maintain this certification for the organization and be eligible for annual renewal, at least one certified leader must be associated with the organization to conduct the organization self-study and/or meet with’s Consultants to review workplace readiness.

Ready, Set, Learn


Per Organization| Bundle Pricing with Certificates Available